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Who doesn’t love a freebie! The question is: How do you get a Free iPhone 3G?

Well, the answer is simple enough. But only if you follow the steps listed below. It’s easy, otherwise, to get lost in the surge of freebie sites. These sites offer popular high-end gadgets like an iPhone in exchange for subscribing to some of their affiliates’ offers. The catch is: most of these freebie iPhone ‘schemes’ are either not legit, or are elaborate scams – out to get your hard-earned money.

Don’t believe me? Then trawl the net, check a few sites out, lose a few bucks, and return for some sound advice. Or, you could skip all the trouble and smarten up.

There are legit freebie sites that actually work!

I know a few. I’ve tried them. And I am a proud owner of the Apple iPhone – without actually having spent a dime.

How is it possible, you ask? Surely there’s a trick somewhere?

Yep, there is. Its commerce: These sites provide their advertisers with new customers, and the advertisers, in return, pay for the free items. And that’s how you get your
iPhone 3G For Free

Still hooked? Great! Now let’s see how an iPhone could be all yours for free.

Step 1: Signup for your
Free iPhone 3G using any of the Links Below:

- USA/Canada:
- Worldwide:

Make sure to enter a valid e-mail address and other personal details. Do not enter any fake information while signing up; you not only risk being accused of identity theft, you also risk losing your guaranteed Free
iPhone 3G

Step 2: Subscribe to One Trial Offer

After you have successfully signed up, you need to secure a single credit by subscribing to at least 1 of the advertisers’ trial offers. This is the MOST SIGNIFICANT step towards securing your
Free iPhone 3G

A word of caution: Before you sign up for any offer:

- Make sure that your browser (IE, Mozilla, etc.) is enabled for all cookies. If not, this may lead to loss of a credit point, even though you have duly signed up for a trial offer. To be noted: Cookies are harmless; they are only installed in your cache to ensure that you get your precious credit, so they are important to get your Free
iPhone 3G. You can enable cookies by disabling cookie blockers (search Goggle for “How to enable ALL cookies” for easy step-by-step procedure to do the same).
- Make sure to disable your browser’s anti-pop blockers as well, albeit temporarily. Once the sign up is complete, you can enable it once again.
- Do read the “Terms of Service” – including the fine print. You should be aware of what you’re required to do – is it a trial subscription, for instance, or testing of a free sample.
- Always keep track of any transaction. If you’ve completed an offer, and you’ve received a confirmation for the same, make sure that you have proof to support your claim in the eventuality of an error. An invoice, an e-mail acceptance, or a screenshot of the same confirmation is necessary when applying for a manual reevaluation.

So go ahead, find an offer that works for you and sign up. While all the advertisers’ trial offers aren’t free, they are all affordable, in fact, even cheap – clocking at and usually under the $10 mark. And the best part is these offers are mostly services we all want or have considered at some point ourselves. I know I have.

Most popular offers completed by members.

1. Bella Sole Jewlery – Have beautiful, handmade jewelry sent directly to your door each month.
To receive credit: You must place an order for Bella Sole Jewlery.
Credit awarded: Next business day.
Cost: $9.00

2. Blockbuster – Rent unlimited DVDs.
To receive credit: Register for the service and queue a movie.
Credit awarded: Same day.
Cost: $9.99

3. eMusic – Choose from over two million fully legal tracks
To receive credit: You must register for a membership to eMusic.
Credit awarded: 2-3 business days.
Cost: $11.99

4. Netflix – Rent unlimited DVDs.
To receive credit: You must sign up and become a paying member after 14 day trial period.
Credit awarded: 22 days after sign-up.
Cost: $8.99

5. Video Professor – Learn the top computer programs.
To receive credit: Order any FREE computer lesson.
Credit awarded: Instantly.
Cost: $6.95

6. QuickBooks Quick Start – Make huge profits online.
To receive credit: Register for the trial kit.
Credit awarded: Instantly.
Cost: $4.95

7. eAuction Tutor – eBay home business.
To receive credit: Order the kit.
Credit awarded: Next business day.
Cost: $1.95

8. – Monitor and manage your credit report.
To receive credit: Register for the free credit report.
Credit awarded: Same day.
Cost: Absolutely free trial

Step 3: Refer to family and friends

Once you’ve fulfilled the minimum trial offer criteria, all you need to do is refer the site to as many people, including your friends, as is required to redeem the reward, and viola, the Free iPhone
3G is yours.

Referrals: Here’s some nifty ways that have worked for me, and I am certain, will work for you as well.
- The obvious: family, friends, relatives, colleagues. Get them to sign up, just not from the same system or from a public network.
- Create an advertorial-cum-blog. For example, this blog that you’re reading right now … that’s right, but don’t copy this!
- Post your referral link on forums. Do, however, consult the forum guidelines, to ascertain that such posts are not considered as spam.
If you’re reported as a spammer, your account will be frozen immediately, and you can bid adieu to your Free iPhone 3G for good.
- Be an aggressive salesman. Convince them about the legitimacy of the site. Pitch to them the usefulness and practicality of the offers. Inform them as to which offers you have chosen to sign up for, how much it has cost you, and has it been worth the bucks spent.
Tell your friends that you too were referred by a friend, and look it’s working for you, isn’t it? Alternatively, you could treat your buddies to a round of beer, a Friday night flick, or a month worth of laundry. The choice is yours, of course.

Follow the Rules:
Don't try to outthink the company. The only reason people fail to get their Free iPhone 3G is because they tried to scam the company in one way or another. Be smart and avoid all the following don’ts:

- Don't use fake personal information when signing up
- Don't sign up for the same site twice.
- Don't do any offer more than once.
- Don’t tell people publicly to cancel their offers, or show them how to do so.
- Don’t influence or manipulate people into signing up a particular offer.
- Don’t allow your referrals to check their account status on your computer, and vice versa..
- Don’t fabricate referrals through proxies, such as, AOL.
- Don’t let your referrals sign up for the site from a multi-user workstation, that is, from a library, a school, or a workplace network system.

How long does it take for you to receive the Free iPhone 3G?

After you have successfully registered the desired number of referrals needed to receive your Free
iPhone 3G, all you need to do is submit your account for approval. During this review period, the site will not only verify your account, but it will also check every single referral registered under your account for legitimacy.

Once your account is approved, you order for a Free
iPhone 3G will be placed, and it will be shipped to you, free of cost. What’s more, you not only get to enjoy your very own iPhone (did I mention for free), you can also make a profit by selling it to someone else (perfectly legit!), or create a lasting impression by gifting it to a “special” friend.

If you need further assistance or have a query please leave me a comment or CONTACT ME at:

AIM: TerryBolo


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